ButUrFly Butterfly Ft Joe Cyrus & Mani

by Kalyst

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In "ButUrFly Butterfly", Kalyst teams up with fellow M.D.M. teammate Joe Cyrus and veteran Colorado MC Mani, to give you a blend of soulful Hip Hop. Progression continues to be the topic, as we address the internal struggles and self-metamorphosis that a human, much like a caterpillar, goes through to become ones true self, a beautiful butterfly. With mixing and mastering done by Trilian Serbia, and the graphic by Sub-Con5cience, We hope you enjoy our piece of art!


Joe Cyrus
She never quite grasps that feeling
til she floats
she floats

Ever toward the heaven
where the feathers
take the Raven
Went from Nevermore
to ever-more
endeavoring escaping
Ever since the stasis
Lost the basis of my life
As my legs began to dissipate
and fate became my strife
Take a right back there
Right along the past
on the path so revered
Saw the map clear
Like the math in the mirror:
20/20 after-sight
the Afterlife is near
Caterpillar half my life
but at the time
I’m wrapped alive
To master death
Come back alive
Imagine my surprise
When I flapped and had a rise
Eyes adapted fast
as I relapsed from my demise
Relaxed and as I fly
it all comes back
as i ask “why?”
Had to crawl among the grass
to feel the max when I’m this high.

Your beautiful, like a butterfly
Into you grow
Until you fly.
But don't, get wrapped up in, ur lullabies
Cause you're, beautiful like a butterfly

She wants the beauty, its in the mind of the beholder/
I find it's usually disguised behind the eyes, above the shoulders/
some confine to be defined by what you own or who's your broker/ others soldiers think there pride is in their 9, inside their holster/
nevermind the colder ways, as you get older in ur age/
you find composure from exposure of the cold and bitter days/
some turn old and grey, others fold and turn astray/
the butterflies wings sway and cause the hurricane waves/
don't be told to look away,
She Looks for beauty in heavenly clouds*
Remember days,
Crawling on everything around?*
But something changed,
What was usually was so rough she has found*
The twist in me,
To toughen up and lift right up off the ground*
.....Now, dreams do come true,
She found this in her new cocoon, her living room(ohh*)
They say ya can't, but you can too!
Tucan Sam, following ur nose to you, (true*)
Don't fold, run or hide and when ur told u shouldn't try/
you look deep into you soul, Those moments mold you and define
*you're beautiful, like a butterfly*
Into you grow, until you show your unusual climb,
You keep your chucks in a row, It's just a step at a time
*And you, and you, and you, and you will fly*
you gonna touch the sky

Check out them colors on that butterfly/
walking past them other guys
Another life lost, drop you high above the sky
I say it otherwise, punctuation, underlines
exclamation points, grab this one another time
Before she passes by,
We get established
Sharing days of laughter, sooner later after had-ta
Realize that nothing matters,
outside these lines and colored patterns
from here, to ever, after
We smashing
She right, but we left
don't re-write, with rejects
My green light, My BF
Transparency, it ain't no secret
Peep show, no peekin
You know this brotha need it more than every weekend
I'm sayin,
We round each other frequent
She know my strong points, I know her weakness
Heightening my senses, diving off the deep end
Kaleidoscope of colors, you know I'm never leavin





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Kalyst Denver, Colorado

A product of irresponsibility. Constantly moving, and with time, I moved into trouble. Music was played to me while in the womb. Grams became moms, and music became dad. Today, I bleed clefnotes. Everyones got a story, the short version is jails, prisons, and somehow not death. I salivate with anticipation... But we'll let the music speak. ... more

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